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Soldiers come home from Afghanistan

I sat in the pub of my local, and heard two clean-shaven young men talking about Afghanistan and Irag. I belatedly twigged they were soldiers. After I left the pub I kicked myself for not having bought them a drink.

The next day, in Winchester High Street, three soldiers in uniform marched smartly by. I wish I had cheered.

I'm a slow learner, evidently. The next time I have the opportunity to cheer on our brave and maligned and neglected soldiers, I shall.

In the City of London they did. Thanks to Andrew Edwards for alerting us to this story.


Images: Bob Gertner

On Sunday, 14 October, in the City of London -

Hundreds of family members and friends waited in anticipation, clutching Union Flags and banners as 140 British troops who had served in Helmand province in Afghanistan for the past six months marched into the main square of the Guildhall. The troops make up the Somme Company of the London Regiment and are mainly Territorial Army members. They have been based at Camp Bastion since April, supporting 12 Mechanised Brigade in operations against the Taliban.


The London Regiment’s roles included protecting helicopter-borne medical teams. In the past six months the company has taken part in 200 evacuation missions, often under fire.

One soldier did not return. The parade paid special tribute to Guardsman Daryl Hickey of the Grenadiers Guards, who was killed in action while attached to Somme Company.

The heroes’ reunion included operational medals, speeches and prayers before the men fell out to meet their families in a jubilant reunion.

The Telegraph has more.

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