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Ruth Lea on morning in Britain

Ruth Lea of Global Vision writes,

”For far too long, the debate on Britain's relationship with the EU has been polarised between those arguing for staying as a full member, come what may, and those who would pull up stumps and walk away. But there are, of course, perfectly attractive alternatives to these extremes.

The "third way" is one based on trade and mutually beneficial co-operative agreements, while opting out of political and economic union. We are pro-European, but appreciate that Britain must be free of the EU's bureaucracy if it is to thrive.

We believe that a future British government should seek to negotiate this new, looser, more modern relationship.”

I must say I like Ruth’s sensible, low-key tones. I hope I do not insult her by comparing them to Ronald Reagan’s when he told Americans it was morning, not night, in America and then told Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall. Lea is quiet, inspired, sensible and convincing.

I think the British people would support this.

It has the added advantage of being a relationship with Europe that is supported by the British Constitution.

Update: Richard North at EU Referendum points out that Ruth Lea's third way would require leaving the EU. Well, yes. Its stylistic virtue is to make a divorce seem like a happy new marriage.