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Leaving the United Nations

It is perfectly true, as historian Andrew Roberts observes, that the United Nations began under the auspices of the English-speaking peoples. It was a wonderful idea, but as the organisation has progressed, the high ideals have become tarnished by the oil-for-food scandal, the sexual abuse scandals, and the genocides that occurred and continue to occur on the United Nations’ watch.

So I was happy to learn that Ron Paul, who is a candidate in the Republican Presidential primary, a US Congressman and a doctor, has introduced a bill n the House of Representatives to end the membership of the United States in the United Nations.

More than half the countries in the UN are dictatorships, and as they all get to vote we see travesties such as Sudan chairing the UN Human Rights Commission. Furthermore, when we see a natural disaster, such as the tsunami of 2005, it was the United States and Australia who rushed emergency supplies, not the UN. The expensive UN officials were still discussing their plans in five-star hotels two weeks later.

In so many ways these unelected, power-hungry, cosmopolitan bureaucrats are the same the world over.

Ron Paul’s bill, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2007, is heading to the US Congress. It calls for the repeal of the United Nations Participation Act of 1945, the repeal of the UN Headquarters Agreement Act, the termination of US participation in peace-keeping operations, and the removal of diplomatic immunity from UN personnel. The US provides a substantial part of the UN budget, so this would be a significant step.

There are obvious parallels to the kind of bill that will one day be presented to the British Parliament for the repeal of the various treaties that bind us to the EU. And when we’ve done that, we can work on withdrawing from the United Nations ourselves, saving almost £1 billion in yearly contributions, and restoring full sovereignty to our country.