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First Post

James Morris of First Post emails that the online magazine has just published a piece on the best of British designers from London Fashion Week and the clothes some of us will be wearing next spring and summer.

More interesting to me is First Post, which we've written about before. The online magazine is never long, and often surprising.

Kenneth Branagh's As You Like It jostles elbows with Dod Proctor's paintings; the eloquent silence of her art meets the compressed wit of Edwin Reardon's best reading this week.

Alex Kee reports sports at top speed, while Peregrine Worsthorne writes about whatever interests him - this week it was money - with a confessional tone which resonates - "Dread of impoverishment in this world has taken the place of dread of eternal damnation in the next, to the point where financiers, who protect our riches, have assumed the importance of priests who once took care of our souls."

And always there are images, old and new.