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Accomodation and respect from Muslim citizens for the common law

Thomas Lifson writes that Islam can accommodate itself to the needs of the 21st Century. The first Muslim in space, aboard a Russian spacecraft, has been given leeway over holding his prayer position in a zero-gravity environment.

Likewise Muslim cabdrivers in the West need to accomodate themselves to transporting the seeing-eye dogs of the blind, while all citizens and visitors to Britain are bound to respect Britain's common law.

Developed by British people over the centuries, common law is their gift to us - thoughtful, fair, equitable, just, and incorruptible. Common law is a shield against evil, a defence against domestic and national tyranny, and a guardian of freedom.

Common law is not law passed down from high by rulers. Further, it includes the right to trial by jury. A jury always has the right to give a not guilty verdict even if it runs counter to the interpretation or logic of statute law, the law created by Parliament. This means the people have the power to decide that a law is unjust and overturn it.

This guarantee of freedom is the reason that the self-aggrandizing European Union wants to destroy it.