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Does The Queen do anything for us?

George Orwell thought so.

Totalitarians are fiendlshly clever at appropriating the beloved symbolism of a country, and making it synonomous with their wretched political movement. Italian Fascists and German Nazis did it, and politicians in Britain have attempted to do it.

In Britain the symbols of our country have been kept separate from self-serving, partisan politicians, at least until recently.


George Orwell

"It is at any rate possible," Orwell wrote in 1944, "that while this division of functions exists, a Hitler or a Stalin cannot come to power."

The monarch symbolizes ideals of justice, freedom, and mercy. But she (or he) has a crucial Constitutional role that we think has been forgotten or repressed by politicians.


See Your Own Choice for details.

Update: We notice the Monarchist has been writing about similar ideas.