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Spaceport for Virgin Galactic's White Knights and Spaceships


Image: Plans for Spaceport America

British architect Norman Foster, in collaboration with American design firm URS Corp, has designed the spaceport for Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. According to Aviation and Space, "it will include Virgin Galactic's pre-flight and post-flight training facilities and lounges, as well as the maintenance hangar for two White Knight 2 and five Spaceship 2 aircraft. . ."

We wrote about swashbuckling Richard Branson here.

His new facility "is a low-slung structure that uses natural earth as a berm and relies on passive energy for heating and cooling, with photovoltaic panels for electricity and water-recycling capabilities. A press release describes a rolling concrete shell that acts as a roof with massive windows opening to a stunning view of the runway and spacecraft. The terminal and hangar facility are projected to cost about $31 million, and will provide a destination experience for visitors to Spaceport America in New Mexico." From there, if all goes well, it's off to the stars.

Thanks to Instapundit for alerting us to the story.