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Geoff Holt's 'personal Everest'


I've been following the voyage of a Hampshire sailor who is paralysed from the chest down but has been sailing solo around Britain.

Like everyone in Britain Holt faced some stormy weather this summer, but he cheerfully carried on. Now 41, he has been disabled since a swimming accident when he was 18.


Leaving Portland in the Challenger. Holt describes his voyage on his blog.

Geoff made painstaking preparations for his journey, which has raised awareness and funds for RYA Sailability, a national charity that helps disabled people to sail. His wife and five-year-old son are part of his terrific support team.

Yesterday he came home, completing his voyage of 1400 miles and becoming the first disabled person to make a solo circumnavigation of Britain. He was greeted in Southampton Water by hundreds of well-wishers.