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A horn sounds

“Demands for Gordon Brown to grant the British people a say on the EU reform treaty will reach new heights today when a powerful, cross-party group of MPs launches a nationwide campaign for a referendum”, writes the Telegraph.

MPs have been working quietly, possibly as a precaution against being derailed by the PM, to gather support.

"The move by senior MPs from the three main parties is evidence that pressure for a national vote comes from all sides of the political spectrum - and includes prominent pro-Europeans as well as Euro-sceptics. "

MPs may be waking up to the fact that the EU will make them and Parliament redundant. There is certainly evidence that many Labour MPs understand that a referendum promise was made in the last general election, and it has to be kept or they will risk alienating voters.

Europhiles may be hoping that a referendum will go their way. They will be looking for the support of the British people in building their pan-European superstate. Those will be siren calls, hard to resist.

Meanwhile little is said about the British Constitution, which prohibits delivering the freedom and soverignty of the British people to any foreign power. Its horn is still faint, but it is sounding.