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Evolving personal style in the country – Stella Tennant


Stella Tennant for Burberry

In remarks published today, American fashion designer Vera Wang said, “One of the women I have always admired a lot is Stella Tennant. She puts vintage together with new. She puts boyish with dress-up. She makes fashion her own,” 5 September, Wall Street Journal.

Beautiful and six-feet-tall, Stella Tennant grew up on a thousand-acre sheep farm, and reluctantly began modelling for Vogue, Chanel, and Burberry when she was 21. ("That was why I was able to take it in my stride," she tells Liz Jones in the Scotsman. "When you are 16 you really are not ready.”)

Stella was married in her home village wearing a Helmut Lang dress. Today she lives in the country outside Berwick-upon-Tweed with her husband and their four children, and fashion shoots have faded from her mind. Though not entirely.


Stella at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2004 exhibit, Dangerous Liaisons, Fashion and Furniture in the 18th Century

Shorn of make-up, dressed in old jeans and Converse sneakers and standing amid a clutter of dog baskets, toys, and Wellingtons, Stella happily says the country is a wonderful place to raise children.

Money is a help. The spirit is everything.