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Britain on the Brink Conference

David Samuel invites you to a brilliant conference at Winchester Guildhall on Saturday, 22 SEPTEMBER, 10 am to 4 pm.

"Our country, the mother of Parliamentary democracy, of freedom under the law, of the world’s most widely spoken language, head of the Commonwealth of Nations representing 30% of the world’s population, the 4th largest economy, and for centuries a beacon of liberty has, since 1972, had its system of government, and its institutions, hollowed out and dismantled piece by piece with the full acquiescence of two generations of British politicians with little or no faith in the future of their own country.

As a result of our membership in the EU, which we were told was nothing more than a mere common market, we are now no longer a self-governing nation."

Samuel promises that six speakers will make the case that "either the ‘not the EU constitution’/reform treaty must be rejected by our elected representatives in the House of Commons who have no right to give away the powers that we the people lend to them a term at a time, or we MUST have the REFERENDUM that was promised".

The speakers are film producer Trevor Colman; Christopher Gill, former Tory MP and Maastricht rebel; Guy Herbert, from the NO 2 ID campaign; barrister Michael Shrimpton, defender of the Metric Martyrs; Helen Szamuely of the Bruges Group and EU Referendum; and Mark Wallace of the Freedom Association. Q&A with the audience will be a vital part of the proceedings.

I hope we can generate some “out of doors political activity” along the lines Catherine mentions below.