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In the garden


Drawing by Graham Stuart Thomas in The Garden Through the Year

One of the certain things about writing about Brits at their best is that we are sure to have overlooked someone.

Somehow I failed to mention Graham Stuart Thomas when I wrote about the English Garden, even though his book, The Garden through the Year, was eyeing me from a bedside bookcase.

Thomas, who died in the spring of 2003 at 96, began his garden career at the age of six when “My Godfather gave me a large-flowered Fuchsia. . .which set me on my earthly career.” He was a a botanical artist, a kind and generous plantsman with an encyclopaedic knowledge of plants, a garden historian, a writer of indispensable garden books, and a conservator and restorer of National Trust gardens, including the very beautiful Mottisfont Abbey which he filled to overflowing with roses. We are working to right the omission. GST's file will appear later today, after I have slept on it. . .