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Thanks to the Czech Foreign Minister for remembering a fine principle

Karel, the Prince of Schwarzenberg, is the former Chairman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, and supported the freedom of dissidents oppressed by Communist states. Now a Czech Senator and Minister of Foreign Affairs, he has a keen eye for totalitarian repression. Recently he summed up the code that should define civilised nations,

“Democracy is not just a question of voting systems, and having a good constitution,” he says, “It is a question of—and the English have a wonderful expression for it. . .things which are done and not done.”

Exactly. Things which are done and not done - such as promising a referendum on the EU Constitution, and then reneging on that promise.


More on the ways we like things done here.

Thanks to EU Referendum for the story, and congratulations on the new look of their website and the launch of their new defence site.