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Culture of celebrity

T. Pappas, Executive Editor of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, wrote us today to point out that Britannica Blog has a forum on Diana, the future of the monarchy, and the obsession with celebrities. The posts begin today, and include one of our favourite writers, Theodore Dalrymple. We hope he explores the psychological and spiritual aspects of the fascination with celebrity.

20 August Catherine Whitney, (writer and biographer, author of The Women of Windsor)

21 August Maureen Orth “Diana, Versace, and the Celebrity Epidemic”
(longtime correspondent for Vanity Fair, author of The Importance of Being Famous)

22 August Graeme Turner “Diana and the Celebrity Culture We Enjoy”
(professor of Cultural Studies, University of Queensland, Australia, author of Understanding Celebrity)

24 August Theodore Dalrymple (of The Spectator)
(British essayist and author of Our Culture, What’s Left of It: The Mandarins & the Masses)

29 August Interview with Tina Brown,
author of The Diana Chronicles