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Thoughts about enchantment in England – church and chapel


Roger Scruton describes England as an enchanted landscape:

. . .it was enchanted in just the way that a human face is enchanted, when a person lives in it not for himself but for others, and bends its contours so as to reveal his heart. . .

More than in any country I have visited, the English country church was a home – God’s house, the private space which was both here and elsewhere, a part of England, and an immortal projection of England in a realm beyond space and time. . ."

"God had been in residence here, among much-polished things, had moved with stiff English decorum around these light-filled spaces, had played the part of host to generations of people whose shyness He respected and shared. . ."

Whose shyness He respected and shared.

God must often have the feeling that people are not very anxious to spend time with him. Yet many of them must have felt that God was at home when they stood in an English parish church, and perhaps never more so than when they stood by themselves in the quiet.