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Women are marvellous - Roz Savage


According to her blog, Roz Savage “showed neither ability nor enthusiasm for sport while at school, but took up rowing when she arrived at University College, Oxford”. She gained two half-blues and graduated in 1989 with an honours degree in Law.

After business consulting and an expedition discovering ruins in Peru, Roz decided that her next venture had to combine the elements of "adventure, travel, physical challenge, environmental awareness and solitude". She achieved all that by rowing solo across the Atlantic.

Now she is hoping to be the first woman to row solo across the Pacific. She has just started out from Crescent City, California, enroute to Australia with a stopover in Hawaii and other islands.

Along the way she is raising awareness for Blue Frontier, a campaign to clean up the oceans.

Her blog describes her adventures and has some excellent advice on avoiding psychological traps.

We wish her the very best.