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BRITS WEEK IN REVIEW – beautiful, spirited girls; fine boys; luminous science; Gibbon on the EU and patriotism; golf, music, and Edinburgh

This week we described the people defending freedom in the 13th century and the 21st. See Dismembered and Remembered, Our Own Free Country and Many Honest Labour MPs.

Purring Along Nicely suggests that people can do without government intervening at every turn. Their creative energy is high. The Fringe and the International Festival open in Edinburgh; London is alive with classical music performances (sorry, we dropped the ball on rock); and the Scouts are celebrating their 100th anniversary.

David wrote about British influence in the small town of Newberg, Oregon. People all around the world have similar stories. The impact of British culture has been pretty strong. A story describing golfers in India defying sunstroke may be taking British influence to an extreme, but we recommend their lime concoction to anyone needing a cool drink.

David revealed many interesting parallels between the Rome described by Gibbon and the EU. Gibbons's definition of patriotism was awfully good.

The freedom that allowed British scientists to make so many discoveries nurtures us, too. Girls become spirited women - scientists, writers, leaders, and mothers. A poem by John Betjeman captured the beauty and spirit of one such girl.

Freedom and the free enterprise system (sometimes called capitalism) are bleak unless people care about each other. We wrote about the small, courageous, affectionate boy who rushed to defend a dog.

The funny and wonderful thing is that courage, freedom and affection (and dogs) bring us happiness.

May your week be good.