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Many honest Labour MPs

Labour MP Gisela Stuart was one of the two British MPs on the steering group that produced the draft constitution for the EU. Both she and her Tory colleage, David Heathcote Amory, are very critical of the proposed constitution which was bulldozed through over their protests. Over the weekend, Gisela Stuart launched a fierce attack on Gordon Brown’s refusal to hold a referendum on the treaty that is the EU constitution in all but name.

In the Sunday Telegraph she said,

"One of Tony Blair's last acts was to renege on a promise and it is almost unbelievable that one of Gordon Brown's first has been to do the same," she writes. "There is still time for Gordon Brown to put this right.

"The issue has nothing to do with the so-called 'old Tory agenda'. It has everything to do with the new Labour agenda: there was a manifesto commitment to a referendum on the EU constitution. All Labour MPs were elected in 2005 on that manifesto commitment."

It seems there are up to 40 Labour MPs who feel this way, and from our personal experience, a very significant number of Tory MPs, the one Lib-Dem we mentioned recently, and the majority of the British people.