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Douglas Carswell MP - "I say the only way is out"

In a speech worth reading, Douglas Carswell MP moves to the fore of Parliamentary resistance to the EU,

Europe since about 1400, had suffered from no political centralisation and no political elite which could stifle innovation and enterprise. When they tried to ban the printing press in one European territory, they simply moved it to another. When high taxation prevented one group of merchants from trading, trade simply moved elsewhere. There was no central or political authority that could stagnate Europe until the Treaty of Rome.

China’s trajectory and India’s trajectory has been upwards because they have believed in localism and devolved decision making. Europe has centralised and stagnated as a result.

The secret to Europe’s success, the reason why this windswept, godforsaken, not very blessed corner of the world dominated human history for the last 400 years, is its lack of political centralisation of political authority, which has been replaced by a system where the politician and the unelected commissioner have been able to prevent, stifle and stagnate innovation. . .

I believe that the United Kingdom should withdraw from the European Union and I believe that with a passion.

Carswell's speech is linked to a speech by Christopher Booker (audio available) who shows just how much the media has let us down in failing to describe the EU's strealthy advances.