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Vanguard of the referendum


Emma McClarkin with Mayor of Derby Pauline Latham and the Where's our Referendum van of Roger Helmer MEP.

To highlight public opposition to the European Union and the demand for a referendum, Roger Helmer MEP’s Referendum Van rolled across the East Midlands to Old Palace Yard, directly opposite the Palace of Westminster, where Helmer was joined by Dan Hannan MEP and a group of activists from The Freedom Association, the Bruges Group, the Democracy Movement, the European Foundation and the Taxpayers' Alliance.

The EU’s latest effort to impose a EU constitution by stealth on the British people has aroused demands for a referendum. As we’ve observed, a referendum could only be advisory under the British Constitution, but a large no vote would send a clear message to MPs to leave the EU and negotiate a new, free relationship with Europe.

As Mark Steyn recently wrote, a "Dutch cabinet minister remarked a few months ago that if a majority of the electorate voted to introduce sharia that would be OK. In other words, as long as the tyranny is ushered in constitutionally (as it was in Germany three-quarters of a century ago), it's fine by him. Not by me. Liberty is a 24/7 condition, not merely a trip to the voting booth every few years."

The rights and freedoms of the British Constitution are ours by birthright. They are not to be voted away.
However, a referendum should undeniably impress the sentiments of British citizens on deaf MPs.

Roger is a staunch defender of British liberties. His Straight Talking Newsletter is here.

On 23 July, from 5:30 to 7 pm in London, The Freedom Association will celebrate Helmer's appointment as its new Hon. Chairman. Contact The Freedom Association if you wish to attend.