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Wonderful things juries are

Juries are wonderful. They are made up, as Mark Steyn observes, of real people, not BBC producers. In Chicago, where Lord Black has been on trial for non-competes which are not illegal, the jury reports,

"We have discussed and deliberated on all the evidence and we are still unable to reach a unanimous verdict on one or more counts."

As instructed, they are going to give it another go. Here's hoping they remain unable to convict a free man of a non crime.

Your Own Choice observes,

Magna Carta is the foundation of British liberty. It takes the power of enforcement away from the state and secures it to the people. It does this by mandating the right to trial by jury.

. . .A jury always has the right which is to give a not guilty verdict even if it runs counter to the interpretation or logic of statute law. Thus the people have the power to decide that a law is unjust and overturn it. The jury also ensures that the punishment fits the crime. The power of the state is thus limited so that statute law cannot become tyrannical. This is one of the Constitutional mechanisms that have defended our liberty for nearly 1,000 years.

Here's hoping the British people hang on to their juries.

Mark has more about the case here.