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A confession

Based on his recent actions in signing over Britain's independence and freedom to the European Union, I called Tony Blair an odious villain.

His actions are indeed odious, but I realized, listening to Paul's letter to the Galatians yesterday morning, that calling Mr Blair or anyone else a name merely ushers in darkness. It does nothing to illuminate his actions.

His actions were wrong. My name-calling was wrong.

Paul said, in words that would influence hundreds of thousands of British people over the centuries,

"For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery. For you were called to freedom, brothers and sisters; only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for self-indulgence, but through love serve each other. For the whole law is summed up in a single commandment, 'You shall love your neighbour as yourself.'"

The yoke of slavery is the yoke of an unjust Prime Minister, the yoke of unjust laws, the yoke of the European Union. Slavery is also, for me, the yoke of intemperance. My apologies. I've removed the line from Brits Week in Review, where it appeared. I hope in future to describe actions, for these are the things that can be changed.