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The terrorist attacks in London and Glasgow at the end of the week showed that so-called ordinary British people are competent, alert, and quick-acting. However, the same cannot be said of the wretched government that either allowed the perpetrators into Britain or, if they are homegrown, has raised them on the vapid philosophy of multiculturalism and given them no sense of values and discipline.

Idris Francis fought valiantly for six years to defend the right to silence before losing his case. Once again a freedom-loving individual was thwarted by an overweening government.

In America the biggest sensation this week was the release of Apple’s iPhone, which was designed by a Brit. Hidcote Manor, another popular design sensation, has a hundred-year start on the iPhone, and celebrates its centennial. There is a reason many people love beautifully built, traditional boats. I think they remind them of what is true in their lives and their happiness in being out on the water. The Scottish Traditional Boat Festival had those boats. Wimbledon exhibits a different kind of excellence. This week it added Hawkeye, to improve the accuracy of close calls. I have heard that Hawkeye has also increased courtside suspense.

The nation’s ongoing celebration of veterans reminded us that "Without all those men and women, none of us would be here". No thank you suffices; nevertheless, thank you, vets. Note that the SBS, which has received very little media coverage, is doing sterling work in Afghanistan.

Shakespeare’s Globe is celebrating its 10th anniversary. That makes it a mere stripling, really a babe in the woods in London, but it’s an active infant, and well worth watching according to reviewers. As always Shakespeare has something pertinent to say, and this week it was about Tony Blair. Having signed the EU treaty that will destroy the independence and self-respect of the British people unless they insist that Britain leave the EU, the PM skipped into retirement.

To support a Petition to The Queen that asks Her Majesty to initiate Britain’s withdrawal from the EU and to refuse her Royal Assent to the treaty, please go here.

The new PM has already instructed his ministers to represent the fake EU regions of England. These regions are intended to swallow English counties the way a boa constrictor swallows a mouse. If you do not like this idea, please consider making Your Own Choice.

The Choice file describes the rights and liberties guaranteed by the written British Constitution. These include the Act of Settlement 1701, which many people, myself included, assumed was an antiquated rule about the succession to the throne. In fact the Act reaffirms that British liberties are grounded in the Common Law.

The American people showed that by calling, writing, emailing, and faxing their representatives they could force a defeat on a massive immigration bill. We hope the British people deliver the same clear message that Britain must leave the EU. We and SOS have described some of the ways this can be done, including the Democracy Movement’s postcard, the Petition to The Queen, and signing on to the British Declaration of Independence. Never give up.

May your week be good.