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People power

I am repeatedly astounded at the parallel political situations in Britain and America. We had Maggie and they had Ronnie. We had smooth operator Blair and they had Clinton. We are overwhelmed by immigration that we have never agreed to. They have been overwhelmed by immigrants they have never been asked about. Our leadership keeps telling us immigrants are wonderful for the economy and that multiculturalism is good for us. Their leadership keeps telling Americans the same thing. We don't believe our leaders and the Americans don't believe theirs.

I am in America this month, and today the Senate leadership and the White House tried to ram through a bill that would have given amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants in the US. In return they promised that the federal government would finally secure the Southern border.

Americans were unimpressed with the belated promise and angered that lawbreaking would be rewarded. The Senate switchboard broke down under the overwhelming number of phone calls, mostly threatening their senators with no legislative future if they voted for the bill.

Many senators changed their minds and the bill died.

One senator remarked, “There is a war between the American people and the government.” (A parallel there?) Another senator said, “There is a crisis of government. The people don’t trust the government after the intelligence gaffes, the evolving reasons for the Iraq war , and now this.” (A parallel here?)

Britain is an island so we don’t need a fence. But we do need to secure our borders and defend our culture, and for us that means leaving the EU rather than getting further enmeshed as the political class wishes.

Talk radio gave Americans the information and impetus to keep emailing and ringing their elected representatives. The BBC won’t do that for us, so we’ll have to do it for ourselves on sites like this. We must keep the pressure on the political classes in just the same way as our ancestors insisted on the Charter of Liberties, Magna Carta, the Declaration of Rights and the Act of Settlement.