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Eeyore on communicating

Children’s books by British authors appeal to me for many reasons. One is the immediate escape they provide from the world of reform treaties. Another is the happiness of the child who is listening to the story. And a third is the quiet feeling that a sympathetic writer understands my adult troubles,

"Nobody tells me", said Eeyore. "Nobody keeps me Informed. I make it seventeen days come Friday since anybody spoke to me."

"It certainly isn’t seventeen days –"

"Come Friday", explained Eeyore.

"And today’s Saturday, said Rabbit. “So that would make it eleven days. And I was here myself a week ago."

"Not conversing," said Eeyore. "Not first one and then the other. You said 'Hallo' and Flashed Past. I saw your tail in the distance as I was meditating my reply. I had thought of saying 'What?' – but, of course, it was then too late."

"Well, I was in a hurry."

"No Give and Take," Eeyore went on. "No Exchange of Thought: 'Hallo' – 'What' – I mean, it gets you nowhere, particularly if the other person’s tail is only just in sight for the second half of the conversation."