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Monica Mavis Furlong - the spirit of women in the Church

There are 55,000 lives in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. You can drop in as a non-subscriber, and read a featured biography every day. At that rate one would need 150 years to read all of them, and meanwhile new biographies would be added, so an alternative might be buying the 60-volume set and finding a house in the country where you could repose yourself for a year. That option is unavailable to me. However I can access the whole Oxford DNB on line at home as a subscriber; if my library has a subscription, I can go online for free.

Today the DNB features Monica Mavis Furlong. She wrote biographies of John Bunyan, Thomas Merton, Alan Watts, and medieval women mystics; a collection of poetry; novels for adults; two novels set in the 7th century for children; and dauntless critiques of the Church of England, which she pressed to ordain women.

Hers is but one of the 55,000 DNB biographies; this week you can find her biography here.