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Shakespeare's Globe celebrates 10th anniversary

At Shakespeare's Globe, Othello, The Merchant of Venice, and Love's Labour's Lost are all on the boards.

Plus the Globe is reviving last summer's hit, Howard Brenton’s In Extremis, a love story about Abelard and Heloise. Jack Shepherd's Holding Fire! an account of the Victorian period's revolutionary Chartist movement, opens shortly, and a second new play, We The People, recreates that sultry summer of 1787 in Philadelphia when 50 former Brits built a new constitution. Despite a dearth of hard cider, which they liked to imbibe at breakfast, they did a pretty good job. As Mark Steyn once observed, the U.S. Constitution is older than the French, Spanish, Greek, Belgian, German, and Italian constitutions combined. It takes much of its inspiration from the British Constitution so this play may not be aimed only at American tourists in London. Hopefully it is not boring revisionist history, either.

But I digress. I would be happy to stand under the open sky with the groundlings and watch any of these plays -- as soon as it stops raining.