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Look at Your Own Choice and decide whether you wish to join in Petitioning The Queen.

The reason for the Petition is the EU and in particular its “Reform Treaty”, which is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Many newspapers, MPs, Members of the House of Lords, and MEPs are calling for a referendum to reject the treaty and the EU. We see the need for a Petition and Referendum.

We like fiery spirits, and once again we found them - singer Paul Potts, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, Lord Pearson, rural entrepreneurs, the public that refuses to be brainwashed by the BBC, “fantastic” British soldiers in Iraq, Jasvinder Sanghera, the band of patriots behind Your Own Choice, St Alban, and the Duke of Wellington.

Dressed in a black hunting coat, on June 18, 1815, the Duke led Britain and the allies in battle against Napoleon. Napoleon had killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people in his effort to unify Europe under his rule. His Napoleonic Code is the very code that the EU intends to impose on Britain after destroying the common law.

Anyone with an eye can see beauty and fairness in the common law, which has protected the freedom of individuals in Britain and around the globe for centuries. But the minions of the EU are blind to beauty and fairness. Nor, apparently, can they see that the most prosperous countries on Earth rely on the equity, practicality, individuality, fairness, and logic of the common law.

Once again, we ask you to look at Your Own Choice.

May your week be good.