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"Fiery spirits" in the country

The Carnegie Trust commission has travelled through rural Britain, and discovered a number of "fiery spirits", according to the Guardian,

One was on the island of Gigha off the west coast of Kintyre in Scotland, where the community has made itself energy-efficient, reopened its school and attracted nearly 50 people to the island with jobs. Other communities, said the report, were clubbing together to buy their own shops, set up renewable energy plants, plant community woodlands and build houses.

The success they found was in defiance of "the top-down approach to rural communities". This "has not succeeded because people do not like being controlled by bigger authorities," said Sir Ben Gill, a trust member.

The commissioners concluded that when rural communities are "free to raise their own taxes, elect new leaders, and plan their own futures" and when they are "led by inspiring individuals who are generating employment and wealth", they thrive.

Indeed. I would like to meet these "fiery spirits"!

Thanks to Countryside Alliance for the news.