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The good news: Just published BBC Trust Report shows that public has not been brainwashed

BBC senior management was apparently wroth with my post of June 18, and rang me to complain about it. They seemed particularly dismayed that I had chosen to quote from that extremely middle of the road organ, the Telegraph, which was discussing the BBC Trust’s report on BBC impartiality.

At the time I posted I noted that the report was not yet available on the Trust website. So let me quote instead from the Guardian’s synopsis of the report. The Guardian wrote, “At the BBC individuals exercise on occasion a largely unconscious self-censorship out of a misguided attempt to be ‘correct’ in their thinking. . .Senior BBC figures have acknowledged that the Corporation could suffer from ‘group think’ that tended toward a liberal world view and has led to certain opinions being underrepresented on subjects such as Europe and immigration”. (You don’t say.)

Former Political Editor Andrew Marr said there was an “innate liberal agenda”. So not for the first time, the Guardian and the Telegraph seem to agree.

Now I am awash with the 81 pages of one section of the BBC Trust’s Report, which is now online. The good news is that after 30 years of relentless leftist bias from this tax-funded news organization, the public still has not been brainwashed.

Appendix C to the Report makes interesting reading. In surveys by Ipsos-MORI, 61% of those surveyed think that although broadcasters may believe they gave a fair and informed view, a lot of the time they don’t. Eighty-three percent said broadcasters should report on all views and opinions, however unpopular or extreme.

Most telling of all, 57% agree that broadcasters often fail to reflect the views of people like them.

Writing today in the Telegraph, columnist Simon Heffer thinks there is no hope for changing the BBC’s biases, and I am inclined to agree. However, if they’re looking to hire a libertarian who believes in British sovereignty, democracy, and the rule of just law, who has doubts that global warming is caused by human activity, who does not believe that the answer to Africa’s problems is more funds going to dictators, and who has no doubt that Christianity is fundamental to British civilisation, then they know where to reach me.