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At least one honest Lord

Lord Pearson is one of our favourite members of the Houses of Parliament. The second reading of his Bill to assess the implications of withdrawal from Europe was just heard in the House of Lords. A few days later on the 14th of June he pointed out an important fact I had not previously known. You will find this interesting, particularly if you are a collector of examples of government officials doing their best for themselves and their worst for you.

Lord Pearson said that ten of the twenty-two speakers in favour of the EU in the Lords debate received generous pensions from the EU. Lord Pearson observed that EU pensions are unusual in that holders of them can lose them if, in the opinion of the European Commission and the Luxembourg Court, “they fail to uphold the interests of the European Community.”

These pensioned apparatchiks, whose pensions are paid for by us, the taxpayer, always vote for the pro-EU cause, and extol the benefits of our EU membership. If they did not, they would lose their pensions. They are getting paid by us to betray us. And this is despite the fact that they have sworn an oath of allegiance to our country.

It is also despite the fact that Lord Woolf, who chairs the House of Lords Subcommittee on the Declaration of Interests, believes their interests should be declared. His view was overridden by the Privileges Committee on grounds that appeared to Lord Pearson to be “almost wholly spurious”. As you may know, Tony Blair has packed the House of Lords with his cronies.

Thanks to Anne Palmer for the alert.

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