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Royal Lancers in Iraq - "good to the people"


"Approaching a Bedouin: a young British Officer wears no helmet and carries no rifle." From Michael Yon's last despatch from The Queen's Royal Lancers in Iraq.


"The Bedouin welcomed us into the tent. He owned a great herd of camels. Though he seemed poor to us, the interpreter said the Bedouin was very rich, and could sell his camels and buy a big house and a car and live the big time. According to Iraqis, in addition to their simple toughness and great fighting spirit, this is part of the mysterious allure of Bedouins.

"The Bedouin said he didn’t need anything. He said he had never met British or Americans before, but that he heard the British were good to the people."

Yon’s four-part report on the Royal Lancers shows that the war in Iraq “cannot be won by mere force.”