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A very brave woman - Jasvinder Sanghera

"I will fight until I die to free women from forced marriages."

At 16, Jasvinder Sanghera "ran away from home rather than marry a man she had seen only in a photograph. Since then, having witnessed the suicide of her sister, who poured paraffin over her body and set herself alight to escape a forced marriage, she has set up Karma Nirvana, a support group charity that helps women flee forced marriages and those who risk becoming victims of family 'honour' killing.'" As a result, every week Jasvinder is threatened with death by Muslim men.

The Telegraph reports that "Her charity sees almost 1,000 women each year who have been threatened with death, beaten, starved, kidnapped and brutalised by their families for refusing or escaping forced marriages."

Police have been fumbling due to political correctness. That is starting to change, and "all three major parties now support Lord Lester's Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill." The bill received its second reading in January. If it is good, as we hope, it should be passed quickly. We've written about this issue here.

The freedom of British women has been one of Britain's great joys and a rich source of creativity as Shakespeare saw. We salute Jasvinder.

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