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Posturing over an EU referendum?

This London writes,

"Gordon Brown dramatically raised the stakes on Europe last night by threatening to let the British people have a referendum on the results of this week's critical summit.

In a clear warning to Tony Blair he offered to put the next European treaty to a popular vote if it fails to take account of Britain's objections. . .

Brown has been under growing pressure to stick to Labour's pledge to put the next treaty on the future shape of Europe to a referendum.

But he does not want to have to defend a deal in a vote he knows he would lose. A YouGov poll in the Sunday Times yesterday showed 70 per cent of people want a referendum."

Brown is probably posturing to protect British vetoes on justice, home affairs and social security issues, and to protect his own position as PM.

Unhappily Britain's EU veto means little and "protecting" it means less. Despite the vaunted vetoes, we are losing our independence as a nation and as a people.

We wonder at the enormity of putting Britain's Constitution and sovereignty to the test of a referendum. Unless it is simply advisory and instructive, it sounds like madness. Our Constitution and our laws depend on covenants agreed to by the people long before Parliament ever existed or, in the case of the Glorious Revolution, when Parliament was not meeting. It seems incredible to toss our sovereignty, our laws, our Constitution, and our Queen into the air on a referendum vote.

What we need to do is to tell our MPs in Parliament to take us out of the EU because membership is not in our interest and is a flagrant breach of our Constitution.