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"To have both Brits doing well - I think it's great for the country"

Lewis Hamilton won the United States Grand Prix just seven days after winning the Canadian Grand Prix. He led from the beginning, fending off teammate Alonso’s attempt to pass him. His win made him only the fourth rookie ever to win two races in his debut season.

We’ve noted the importance of a father to a child's success, and we were happy to learn that when Lewis was young, his father Anthony “held down three jobs to support Lewis' career and still found enough time to attend all of Lewis' races” (Wiki). Way to go, Dad.

Lewis Hamilton showed a generous spirit when he paid tribute to Scotland's Indy 500 winner Dario Franchitti. "I've watched the Indy 500 many times and to see Dario finally win, I was extremely happy for him because I know him quite well," Hamilton said. "To have both Brits doing well - I think it's great for the country and I'm extremely proud." In fact, Lewis has known Franchitti since he was eight years old.

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