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News about Laurie Baker in India

A few months ago we wrote about the builder and blythe spirit Laurie Baker, a British architect who moved to India and designed "visionary and durable buildings at low cost that were beautifully responsive to climate and country, to the needs of poorer Indians, and to the tradition of Indian craftsmanship". At the time we had not found many images of Laurie's buildings on the web, and hoped someone would be creating a photographic catalogue of his work.

Yesterday we received an email from Venugopal Nair pointing us to this website. Nair writes,

"It has quite a few excellent photos of his buildings and some amazing ones of him standing on a roof working while in his 80s! It also has much more which I feel is integral to understand Baker's philosophy of buildings and its relevance in today's world of pollution and concrete jungles."

Thank you, Venugopal Nair.