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Country trials and shows - adventurous pigs


The Bramham International Horse Trials run 7 - 9 June in Yorkshire.

The South of England Show “is the Society of England Agricultural Society's "flagship event and a national institution”. Cows are up front and centre at this year's show, which runs 7 – 9 June, but there are also calvacades of hounds, a marquee for flowers, the work of young craftspeople and, less obviously agricultural, at least to me, the White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team.

The Royal Cornwall Show features honey and homemade wine in the marquee, dogs and horses in competition, marching bands, sage-looking cows, impetuous goats, and adventurous pigs – well, that’s how they looked to me. Plus, vintage steam vehicles and – who could miss this – a human cannonball from America. No, it’s not President Bush.

There are always so many nice things going on in the country in the summer that I'm sorry I'm not this minute in Britain. Those with a scientific bent can look here for the fellows who bred so many of Britain's and the world's distinctive farm breeds in the 18th century.