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Lord Pearson's Bill, Implications for Withdrawal from the EU, receives second reading in House of Lords

From Greg Lance-Watkins we learned that Lord Pearson's Bill to consider the Implications for Withdrawal from the European Union did receive its second reading in the House of Lords. Lance-Watkins avers it was eloquently presented by Lord Pearson and "supported by, amongst others, Lord Beaumont of Wittley for the Greens. . . .Lady Noakes, a Tory Peer, spoke trenchantly to aid passage of the second reading."

In the equally trenchant opinion of Lance-Watkins, the "Bill will indubitably fall in the House of Commons." Despite the fact that the House has shown itself blind to the need for an enquiry into the EU's effect on Britain's economy and security, Austin Mitchell MP (Labour) has undertaken to present the Bill and make every effort to steer it through the Commons.

Lance-Watkins suggests, "It is increasingly clear that the Government and its supporters are so certain they would lose any honest debate on the merits of withdrawal, that they will do all they can to prevent either debate or an enquiry."

It's up to us, then, to make sure that the bill is supported, and an enquiry is launched.