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More joys of multiculturalism

There are many threats to the freedoms we still enjoy. We focus on two of them in Threats to Freedom – the European Union and Violent Islamists. The two are connected in that violent Islamists continue to flock into Britain, and we can do little about stopping them or sending them back home because of the Human Rights Act, which is a direct result of our being in the EU.

Gordon Brown is said to be planning more threats to our freedoms, allegedly to contain threats from terrorists. Surely the solution must in part be banning any further Islamic immigration into our country unless we can be certain that the person coming here is doing so out of a true love of our values.

For confirmation of the threats that violent Islamists pose, you might be interested in looking at the Metropolitan Police’s 15 Most Wanted. Presumably the list changes over the course of the year, and an entirely different set of names may predominate, but you will notice that Muslim sounding names are very prominent in today's list. Judging from this Most Wanted list, one might estimate that the crime rate would drop by 80% if immigration were to stop. If these men were born here, they did not learn British values.

That must change.