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A £billion here, a £billion there. . .

As you know, we try to report on the best. Unfortunately we are often left scraping the unpleasant barrels of the mainstream media and have little of the best to report, though personally I am sure there are many stories of heroism, artistry and ingenuity all over Britain that are going unwritten. Tonight we noticed, as you surely did, the reports about bins and landfills, spies in the bins, and fines should the bins be too full or not full enough, etc. We also noticed that £billions would be spent to pay for the EU's landfill dictates which have brought Brits all the brave new bin changes. Ah, you think, there is nothing positive you can write or invent about that. It is just one discouraging, unrecycled piece of trash. Even the hope it may prove helpful to the environment is likely to expire before its sell-by date since EU regulations have a long record of making things worse for the land and sea, never mind people and animals. Well you are right except for one thing – all those £billions that local councils are going to be forced to demand from taxpayers to pay for the new rules. It is surely a positive thing that Brits are rolling in so many £billions they can afford to throw £billions away at the behest of the EU. That is very good news indeed.

The bad news is that lavish government spending at the taxpayers' expense tends to depress the economy. I think it may be a challenge to make the best of that. I hope we'll have a little time to get ready for it.