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Alert - Second reading of European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) Act in Lords

We have just learned that the second reading of Lord Pearson’s European Union (Implications of Withdrawal) Act 2007 will be debated in the House of Lords on Friday, 8th June. This has real possibilities for you if you care about the United Kingdom.

The bill introduced by Lord Pearson of Rannoch establishes an impartial committee appointed by the Chancellor to enquire into the implications of the UK withdrawing from the EU. The committee would investigate the impact on the UK’s economy, national security, defence, and constitution, and the costs and public expenditures that the UK pays as a result of membership.

You can find the whole bill here.

David noted in his December 8 post on this bill that Wilberforce fought for years in the House of Commons to achieve the abolition of the slave trade, and had to reintroduce a bill to that effect almost every year. The support of Thomas Clarkson and hundreds of thousands of Brits who signed petitions supporting his abolition bill were crucial to its success. As Lord Pearson's bill advances to a second reading this could be an excellent time – and there is not any time to lose – to launch a local petition drive and write or speak with the Lords.

The bill is reasonable and long overdue. The Lords may find this is exactly the sort of project cost analysis they would launch in the firms they run and in the universities where they conduct research.

It is time the UK government investigated whether the UK-EU project is working. Let the Lords know you support the Act.

Thanks to Gregory Lance-Watkins for drawing this to our attention, and to Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group for clarifying the date of the bill’s second reading.