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"What the EU plans for us"

It’s always a pleasure attending a meeting of the Bruges Group. Last night it was held at the Over-Seas House, London, and David Heathcoat-Amory, the Tory MP who is a member of the foreign affairs committee and the European Scrutiny Committee, addressed us. My notes indicate that he gave a speech frightening in its disclosures of the extent to which democracy and transparency in government have been stolen away from us.

His speech was entitled “What the EU is planning for us.” The answer is we don’t exactly know as all negotiations toward the forthcoming constitution-like treaty on June 22 are being made without the public or MPs knowing what the Foreign Office is aiming at. Two officials from the Foreign Office have been sent to Brussels to negotiate. All the government’s talk of openness is just that, talk.

A recent, candid letter from Mrs Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany and the current president of the EU, was drawn to our attention. She suggested four points that would disguise the constitution as a treaty and conceal from the public the true impact of the treaty on our nation and our lives and, indeed, its impact on all the nations and peoples now part of the EU.

In the meantime the existing treaties are being stretched to the max to allow the EU to run every aspect of our nation’s government. Articles 94 and 95 (single market) and article 308 (the flexibility clause) are used to expand the role of the EU so that it is constantly trespassing on our rights in ways that were never originally envisioned.

Heathcoat-Amory summed it up by saying that “Britain is becoming a vassal state.” He called for a referendum in Britain on the new treaty, and he said that Mr Cameron had agreed there should be one. He appeared to believe him.