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Bruges Group warns on new laws, new plans of EU

I sometimes wonder which straw will break the camel's back. Perhaps it is one of these.

The Bruges Group advises that,

"In the first two weeks of May the European Union has passed 43 laws which will impact the UK. Forty-three. Each time the anti-democratic EU legislative process passes a law, a new cost is added onto British businesses. And the legal ratchet of EU membership becomes even tighter as another area of law making becomes occupied by the EU, meaning that our own Parliament loses the right to legislate in that area. And as members of the European Union there is nothing that our own democratic process can do to overturn those decisions."

According to the highly regarded think-tank, over the past week the EU has announced new plans, which include:

Incorporating the Treaty of Prum into EU law. If the plan is implemented other member states will gain access to British DNA, fingerprint and vehicle registrations databases whenever they wish. When questioned by the House of Commons European Scrutiny Committee, Government ministers, who support the plans, admitted that taxpayers would have to pick up a £31 million bill for computer systems which will, in effect, handover the personal details of British citizens to foreign governments.

Details on EU police powers are here.