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Vulnerable aquatic warbler protected by RSPB


Aquatic warbler in Senegal
Photo: Dr Martin Flade, Birdlife International

The Royal Society for the Preservation of Birds has bought 2,400 marshy acres in Poland to preserve the Aquatic warbler's breeding grounds. The warbler, a migratory songbird about the size of a robin, is having difficulty surviving in Europe. The warblers often pass through southern Britain to reach their winter quarters in Africa. (The exact location in Africa was a mystery, but was recently discovered to be Senegal.) We have often noted conservation efforts headed by Brits, and are glad to see this good work going on.

The RSPB is a UK charity with more than a million members. Birdlife International coordinates international efforts, and includes the RSPB, the National Audubon Society, Bombay Natural History Society, Birds Australia, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, Malaysian Nature Society and BirdWatch Ireland.