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British people deserve credit

As Tony Blair announced he would tender his resignation to The Queen on 27 June, National Review filed these comments –

. . .He is indeed desperate to make history and in particular to leave a “legacy” of achievement beyond serving ten years in Downing Street and winning three successive elections. Lady Thatcher performed both feats and in addition transformed a prostrate Britain into the world’s fourth-largest economy, launched a worldwide revolution of privatization, won the Falklands War, helped win the Cold War, and established herself as the most successful peacetime prime minister of the 20th century. Blair is unhappily conscious that his own achievements fall well below that standard — and, worse, that they are outweighed by his failures. . .

Unread in history, political philosophy, moral philosophy or economics, Blair and the Labour Government have made terrible mistakes on crime, defence, education, the economy, the EU, immigration, taxes, and terrorism. Despite being overtaxed and poorly served large numbers of the British people have worked creatively and energetically over the last ten years. They have been remarkably resilient.