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Victory for metric martyrs


Steven Thoburn (center) became a national celebrity by defiantly selling bananas by the pound after the EU had made it a criminal offence. He and Neil Herron (second from left) built a people’s campaign to protest metrication. Steve died of a massive heart attack in 2004, but the campaign continued. Image: Metric Martyrs

Last week Metric Martyrs won a "victory" when the European Commission and the Government abandoned the Metrication programme. The Martyrs report –

"The European Commission’s Industry Commissioner Gunther Verheugen quietly announced in a meeting on 2nd May that 'dual marking' of goods in imperial and metric will 'continue indefinitely'.

Following intense lobbying by the Metric Martyrs Campaign and excellent work with US business by the British Weights and Measures Association, Commissioner Verheugen agreed that imperial measurements are good for business.

The battle is described in the Liberty Timeline and at the Metric Martyrs website.

I admit to mixed feelings. I like decisions that make common sense. I do not like the EU and its unelected Commissioner making this decision for Britain.