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Paper is best

This blog does not take a party-political line. We are interested in and great supporters of the free spirit of the British people, and, indeed, the free spirit of peoples everywhere.

As Catherine noted in a post, dustbins seemed to be the topic that excited voters. If the voters elect the Council, the Council should be responsive to what the voters want. Many Councils need to be reminded of this simple fact. Councils do not have to follow blindly and willingly all the suggestions of the EU. There is still some room for local decision-making, though it is diminishing. Their bosses are the people, not the EU, and if the people want weekly rubbish collections, that is what they should get.

But I digress. The point I really wanted to emphasise is how efficient the paper voting method is. There is virtually no room for fraud. Every step can be scrutinised, and is. And there is almost no room for doubt. Any questionable ballots are decided after consultation between the returning officer and the candidates and their agents. I acted as the agent for a colleague on one such questionable ballot. I had to agree with the returning officer that the word “wa_ker” written across the candidate’s name did not constitute a valid vote for him.

Unfortunately, the vote count indicated that my candidacy, which I’ve mentioned here, was not strongly supported.