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An England legend is laid to rest

The Times reports,

Most funerals do not end with the congregation singing along to Frank Sinatra’s My Way and bursting into spontaneous and prolonged applause. However, the funeral of Alan Ball, the England World Cup winner, which was held at Winchester Cathedral yesterday, was as much a celebration and a gathering of the football clan as a send-off. . .

The last words went to Jimmy, Ball’s son. “Being a humble man, I know my father would not have believed this,” he said, before reading Rudyard Kipling’s If and inviting the congregation to sing along to My Way.

As the coffin, draped in the flag of St George, was carried to the waiting hearse, applause broke out, echoing the tributes paid to Ball at every League football ground last weekend.

The last thing you might expect on an American political forum run by three high-powered attorneys is a tribute to English soccer (football). But that would be underestimating Paul Mirengoff and Alan Ball. Here is Paul's tribute to Alan Ball's grace, energy, dedication, and sartorial form.