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Reality gains some recognition

Political correctness and the consequences of the Macpherson report have made British police wary of investigating and arresting foreigners. Despite this kid-glove approach, there are a large number of non-Britons in British prisons – 11,000 of the total 80,000 criminals in prison are foreign citizens.

UPDATE: The figure above has just been corrected. The number of foreign criminals is 12,122 according to the Home Office. The number of British prisoners hasincreased by 10%. The number of foreign criminals in British jails has increased by 80%.

Yesterday David Green, Director of the Civitas think-tank, spoke out on this issue –

"We are importing 15, 16, 17 and 18-year-olds brought up in countries with an anarchistic warlord culture in which carrying knives and guns is routine.

"If people come from a culture which is anarchistic, they are more likely to be violent, but the police will be frightened to target these people.

"The fear is that it would be called stereotyping. Actually, it is a valid group generalisation."

Scotland Yard is just about to report to the Metropolitan Police that 171 gangs are operating in London alone, that about half of them are Afro-Caribbean, and that many gang members are illegal immigrants. The very fact that the police are now identifying and describing the gangs must be a minor triumph for common sense and a step toward dealing with reality.