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Standing for local council

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am a candidate for a ward in Winchester in the local election. The main topic discussed on the doorstep is the new fortnightly collections of rubbish. No one wants trash lying around that long. It's unsanitary and a health hazard.

Fortnightly collection was brought in by the largely Conservative City Council in order to meet recycling targets imposed as a result of the EU’s landfill directive. The EU origins of the hated fortnightly collections are clearly not well known by voters. Similarly the closure of village post offices and the closure of large post offices in Winchester and Southampton is the result of an EU directive. The people have lost control of their local councils. They are now controlled by Westminster and Brussels.

If elected I intend to do the will of my constituents rather than the will of the unelected unsackable commissioners who govern us from Brussels. People say that will be difficult. It will be, but the attempt has to be made.